Exceptional Load Services Ltd - Permits

We act as permit agents for all abnormal load / oversize loads directly for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and through a network of similar local agents for the rest of Europe and beyond.

There are two types of abnormal load/oversize load permits in Ireland: Standard Permits and Motorway Permits. Permits are required for all abnormal loads greater than L16.5m x W2.90m x H4.65m x 40t or 46t depending on axle and vehicle specification

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Standard Permits


Standard Permits are obtained from individual Local Authorities along a chosen route. The police must be notified 4 days in advance of any movement and permits are issued within 4 – 7 days.


Motorway Permit


Motorway/Approved Route Permits (S.I.147) are issued by An Garda Síochána (police) for designated routes up to L27.4m X W4.30m X H4.65m X Wt40/46t. Notice period is 5 working days excluding weekends, public holidays, day of application, and day of travel. We also need at least 1 day for administration. A Standard Permit may also be required for non-motorway sections of the journey.