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Exceptional Load Services Ltd - Project Management


Many jobs require more than just permits and escorts. For very large loads or windfarm and factory installations we also offer fully co-ordinated supervision for on-going parking restrictions, street furniture and traffic light removal, police bookings, steersmen, road plating, road closures and much more. Through co-operation with carefully selected local companies we can also offer haulage, towing and skidding and back-up vehicles as needed.


The Complete Package

  • Route Survey

  • Route Planning

  • Permit Application

  • Road Modifications

  • Traffic Management

  • Pilot Car / Escorting


Frequently asked Questions



When do I need a Pilot Car?

Pilot Cars are required according to E.U. Guidelines. Local Authorities may impose stricter conditions or from time to time we may recommend additional Pilots based on our experience on the route.



When do I need a Permit?

Permits are required for all loads over 16.5 metres x 2.9 metres x 4.65 metres x 40 tonne on 5 Axles or

46 tonne on 6 Axles.



How long does it take to get a permit?

Permits take from 4-10 days depending on the permit type and route.


Are Police Notifications Required?

Yes 4 days’ notice of all permit applications must be sent to The Commissioner, An Garda Siochana  (Police). ELS make all required notifications as part of the permit application process.