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Exceptional Load Services Ltd - Route Survey

Route surveys are a very important part of the whole process of moving Abnormal Loads. Whether it is a quick route-check for a once off load or future planning for a major development, our comprehensive route surveys will provide all the information you require to plan your moves.

We specialise in route selection surveys and early feasibility studies for wind farms and all forms of heavy transport, and we are Ireland’s leading provider of this type of ‘down-to-earth’ preliminary study. It can be as detailed or simple as required to meet your current needs.

Our detailed Survey Reports will identify all points along a suggested route where enabling works are required to allow your load to pass safely.



Route Planning 

Planning a cost efficient and safe route is vital in meeting your targets.

Apart from the Motorway/ Designated Route permits there are very few approved oversize load routes in Ireland.

We have a vast knowledge of all routes in Ireland and we plan each route as part of our Permit Application process. We also provide Route planning for early project development.

Due to a wide variation in bridge heights and road layouts all routes are planned entirely to the specifications of your load size and dimensions.

We also offer a route planning service throughout Europe.


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